Jenny Rautio is leading the creation of Samiedu's English-language practical nursing program. She recently moved to Savonlinna from Norway, where she worked as a midwife.


This fall, Savonlinna’s Samiedu Vocational College will launch its first English-language practical nursing program. Designed to attract more students to the region and address the labor shortage in the social and healthcare sectors, the program is tailored to meet the specific needs of the Savonlinna area, with a focus on elderly care.

"The planning process for this new English-language program has been incredibly engaging.

We are eagerly looking forward to the start of the program and the international perspective it will bring," said Jenny Rautio, a social and health care instructor at Samiedu.

Patient safety and regulatory requirements are key components of the practical nursing program. Consequently, applicants must have a basic understanding of the Finnish language from the outset. The program will support Finnish language learning through various initiatives, with English used as the instructional language until students achieve sufficient proficiency in Finnish.

"To work as a licensed practical nurse in Finland, graduates must have adequate Finnish language skills. Most clients are Finnish-speaking, and effective communication and guidance are fundamental to the role of a practical nurse," Rautio explained.

Applications for the first English-language social and health care qualification will open in early August, with the program commencing in November 2024. The program will be conducted in-person in Savonlinna, accommodating up to 25 students. Details about the program are already available on Samiedu's website.

"The English-language practical nursing program further strengthens Samiedu’s offerings for individuals with immigrant backgrounds. We currently have a well-established pathway from integration courses to the 'Immigrant Pathway to a Profession' program, and from there to care assistant training and practical nursing or other vocational qualifications," said Mia Mäntysaari, team leader at Samiedu.

Jenny Rautio, who oversees the development of the English-language practical nursing program at Samiedu, relocated with her family to Savonlinna from Norway earlier this year. She has a master’s degree in health sciences, is a licensed midwife, registered nurse, and vocational teacher.