Conceptual images of the kood/Sisu coding school's facilities Photo: Design Office Hiili & Timantti


The upcoming opening of the kood/Sisu coding school in Savilahti, Kuopio, scheduled for March, has garnered significant interest, attracting over 1000 applicants from 23 different nationalities. The school's innovative approach to software development education, focusing on practical, work-oriented learning rather than traditional academic qualifications, has resonated with a diverse group of aspirants, including those from Estonia, Spain, and Colombia.

Inclusive Education for a Diverse Student Body

Kood/Sisu’s philosophy emphasizes accessibility and inclusivity in tech education. Prospective students are not required to have prior experience or education in the field, making the school an attractive option for career switchers and beginners alike. Notably, 40% of the applicants enrolled in the upcoming sprints already hold a college degree, indicating the school's appeal to a wide range of learners.

Continuous Enrollment and Limited Sprint Seats

The school’s unique admission process includes a web-based test followed by an intensive three-week programming sprint. The test is available year-round, but sprint seats are limited to 175 candidates per session. The first sprint, scheduled for late January in Kuopio, has already filled over 70% of its capacity, with strong enrollment for the subsequent February sprint. Successful sprint participants will begin their studies at kood/Sisu in March.

Uncertainty Over Study Grants

While the education at kood/Sisu is free, the matter of student financial aid eligibility remains unresolved. Laura Nykänen, the director of kood/Sisu, expressed hope for a swift resolution in collaboration with Ylä-Savon Vocational College and the Finnish Social Insurance Institution (Kela). The decision will significantly impact students’ ability to finance their studies.

A Thriving Educational Hub in Savilahti

The school will be located in Savilahti, an area burgeoning with educational and corporate opportunities. The district is home to a unique multi-level campus including Savon Vocational College, Savonia University of Applied Sciences, and the University of Eastern Finland, forming a vibrant community of around 17,500 students. Nykänen envisions strong collaboration potentials with local businesses and educational institutions, fostering growth and innovation in the region.

Innovative Learning Environment

The school's facilities, designed by the planning office Hiili & Timantti, emphasize versatility, catering to both focused work and casual interaction. The absence of traditional classrooms and the inclusion of relaxation areas like lounges, game rooms, and kitchens aim to support student well-being. The industrial-style space will be accented with kood/Sisu’s brand colors, striking a balance between femininity and masculinity.

As kood/Sisu prepares to welcome its diverse cohort, it stands out as a progressive model in tech education, poised to contribute significantly to the software industry's growth and diversity.