The ranking of Aalto EMBA was particularly improved by the fact that its practical training is strongly based on science. Photo: Otso Alasko / Aalto EE


The esteemed Aalto Executive MBA (Aalto EMBA) program has once again been recognized as one of the top 100 Executive MBA programs worldwide, according to the respected Financial Times annual international ranking.

For the 2023 rankings, the Aalto EMBA secured the 93rd spot, slightly down from its 88th position in 2022.

However, when comparing with other Nordic programs, Aalto EMBA stood strong as the fourth-best, moving up a spot from the previous year.

Significantly, Aalto EMBA is the only Nordic program to have consistently made the list since 2006. "Alongside Aalto EMBA, only about twenty other schools have maintained such consistent presence. This speaks volumes about our program's quality and our relentless commitment to development. Other European institutions in this elite group include the likes of London Business School and IMD," commented Kerttu Kuokkanen, the director in charge of MBA programs at Aalto University Executive Education and Professional Development (Aalto EE).

One of the key factors positively influencing Aalto EMBA's ranking is its emphasis on providing practical training for experienced leaders, firmly rooted in scientific knowledge. Relative to its number of professors, the Aalto University School of Business produces a significant amount of top-tier scientific publications. Moreover, the number of educators with doctoral qualifications in the Aalto EMBA program is notably high.

"Aalto University is a top-tier research university. Everything we teach in the Aalto EMBA is grounded in the latest research findings. Our results in this ranking affirm that we've successfully made this knowledge accessible and relevant to our participants. The exceptional customer experience score is testament to our effective teaching methodologies," stated Mikko Laukkanen, Academic Director at Aalto EE and Professor of Practice at Aalto University.

The ranking revealed that Aalto EMBA graduates are particularly pleased with their experience, as reflected in this year's customer satisfaction score of a striking 9.36 out of 10, placing 27th globally and second in the Nordic region. However, it's worth noting that customer satisfaction isn't an official ranking criterion in the Financial Times assessment.

The Financial Times EMBA ranking methodology is grounded in surveys conducted among program alumni from a specific year and among the educational institutions offering the programs. There are sixteen official criteria, weighted differently. This year's ranking was based on feedback from alumni who graduated in 2020.

Globally, the combined EMBA program from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology clinched the top spot, a position they also held in 2022.