The autumn joint application period for higher education institutions, which concluded on September 14, 2023, has seen remarkable interest in the offerings of Diak, with its Oulu campus's Social Work programs garnering significant attention. Among Diak's 340 available study places, 55 were dedicated to Social Work programs in Oulu, including the Bachelor of Social Services and the Bachelor of Social Services in Diaconal Work.

A total of 4,114 applicants applied to Diak through the joint application, with 1,182 designating Diak as their first choice. Among these applicants, 400 expressed interest in the programs offered at the Oulu campus, and 112 of them made Oulu their top choice. Particularly noteworthy is the popularity of the Bachelor of Social Services program in Oulu, with 268 applicants vying for spots, including 78 first-choice applicants.

Notably, Diak's fully online Bachelor of Social Services program emerged as the most attractive option for all applicants.

The joint application for the autumn saw a nearly 20% increase in the number of applicants compared to the previous year, with a striking 33% surge in first-choice applicants compared to 2022.

Elina Juntunen, CEO and Rector of Diak, expressed her delight at the surge in applicants, stating, "The growth in the number of applicants delights us immensely. There is a genuine need in Finland for professionals graduating from Diak who are equipped to make a difference. It is wonderful to see that our fields of study are perceived as meaningful and appealing."

Selection of Students

The second round of the joint application process will continue with the selection of students. For programs leading to a Bachelor of Applied Sciences degree, students are primarily selected based on the AMK entrance examination and certificate selection.

Diak's programs in social and health care, as well as those in the church sector, employ the common AMK entrance examination used by universities of applied sciences across Finland. More information about the AMK entrance examination can be found on the Ammattikorkeakouluun.fi website. Diak's AMK entrance exams are conducted at its campuses in Helsinki, Oulu, and Pori. Applicants select the location and time for the examination from the options provided on the joint application form. Prospective test-takers who choose to take the exam at Diak can find further details on the AMK entrance examination page.

The Nursing program tailored for those with a background in practical nursing does not participate in the AMK entrance examination. Instead, it employs a two-part selection course, and more information about this process can be found here.

In Finnish-language social and health care programs leading to a Bachelor of Applied Sciences degree, 40% of students are selected based on certificate selection. This criterion does not apply to Diak's Nursing program for those with a practical nursing background.

Announcement of Results

The results of the certificate selection will be communicated to applicants no later than October 18, 2023. The results for other selection methods will be announced to applicants no later than November 24, 2023. Diak will publish information on its website when the selection results are ready. However, the names of selected students will not be published online.

Applicants will be able to view their final status through the Oma Opintopolku (My Study Path) service. All applicants will also receive notification of the results via email.

Applicants who are offered a study place through the joint application will be able to accept only one study place, namely the highest-priority study option for which they meet the admission requirements.

Accepted students must confirm their study place by December 1, 2023, at 3 pm. It is possible to receive a study place from the waiting list until December 12, 2023.