Image: VAMK/Kasper Dalkarl


In a surge of interest in higher education programs, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences (VAMK) has witnessed a remarkable influx of applicants, with their English-taught Engineering program, Energy Technology, emerging as the most sought-after choice. As the autumn joint application period for higher education institutions came to a close on September 14, 2023, VAMK received a staggering 4,970 applications for this program alone.

VAMK, offering a total of 210 study places for two Bachelor level and three Master level programs, has garnered widespread attention, with a grand total of 5,594 applications submitted during this joint application period.

Nationally, these numbers reflect a larger trend, with a preliminary count of 56,089 applicants for Bachelor's and Master's degree programs across all Finnish universities.

Energy Technology Shines Bright

The undeniable star of this application period at VAMK has been the Bachelor level Engineering program, Energy Technology. An astounding 85% of all applications were directed towards this program, with a considerable portion of these applications originating from Asian countries.

Juha Vierola, Head of VAMK's student services, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "Energy Technology is organized for the second time, and it clearly interests applicants both internationally and nationally. We are extremely pleased with the number of applications and happy with the diverse backgrounds of the applicants."

Sirpa Rutanen, Head of Communications and Marketing at VAMK, attributed the rise in applications from target markets like India and the UAE to effective agent cooperation.

New Admission Requirements

Notably, this round of the national joint application introduced significant changes in admission requirements. Among these changes are the mandatory submission of a language certificate and a biometric passport, prerequisites for taking the entrance exam. These requirements are applicable to all Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland.

Commencement of Studies

The selected students will embark on their academic journey in January 2024. For Bachelor level studies, the entrance exams are scheduled for November 1st, with detailed information about exam sessions, locations, and additional information available on

The results of the autumn 2023 joint application are set to be unveiled no later than November 24th. Students granted a study placement must confirm their acceptance by December 1st at 3 pm. Acceptance from the waiting list will remain open until December 12th at 3 pm.

The fortunate students chosen to pursue their academic aspirations will commence their studies in January 2024, either at the Palosaari campus or through online platforms.