Photo: Hanken School of Economics


Hanken School of Economics has achieved its highest-ever ranking in the prestigious Financial Times Masters in Management ranking, securing the 46th spot. This remarkable ascent represents a significant leap from their 62nd place last year and underscores the institution's commitment to maintaining a high standard of education on an international scale.

The Financial Times compiles an annual list of the world's best master's programmes, and Hanken's remarkable progress reflects the school's dedication to academic excellence.

Rector Ingmar Björkman expressed his pride, stating, "We are very proud and happy that our position on the ranking list rose by so many points since last year when we were ranked 62nd. This is proof that we are on the right track, and that Hanken's master's programme is of a high standard, even in international comparison."

Out of the approximately 14,000 business schools worldwide, only the top 100 are eligible for inclusion in the Financial Times ranking. The list is comprised of six Nordic business schools, with HEC Paris, the Swiss University of St. Gallen, and London Business School occupying the top positions.

Several variables contribute to the rankings, including alumni career development and their satisfaction with their education. The rankings rely primarily on feedback from alumni who completed their master's degrees at the university three years prior, as well as data provided by the universities themselves.

Hanken School of Economics continues to excel in the global education landscape, solidifying its reputation as a premier institution for business education. For more details on the ranking, you can visit the Financial Times website.

Hanken School of Economics has consistently demonstrated its dedication to delivering high-quality education and preparing graduates for successful careers in the competitive global business environment. This latest achievement serves as a testament to their ongoing commitment to excellence.