The student of the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of the Arts Helsinki is painting. Photo: Veikko Kähkönen / University of the Arts Helsinki


The Taideyliopisto (University of the Arts Helsinki) has announced the selection of 313 new students for the upcoming academic year, reflecting a surge in interest in the university's programs, particularly among international applicants. With a total of 5,079 applications received for undergraduate programs, an increase of 416 compared to the previous year, the university continues to be one of the most sought-after institutions in Finland.

Out of the 313 new students admitted, 35 will be joining the Kuvataideakatemia (Academy of Fine Arts), 185 will pursue studies at the Sibelius-Akatemia (Sibelius Academy), and 93 have been accepted to the Teatterikorkeakoulu (Theatre Academy). The programs that received the highest number of applications and emerged as popular choices include the acting program, visual arts program, and music technology program.

The number of international applicants to Taideyliopisto increased by approximately one-third compared to the previous year. This trend aligns with the broader pattern observed in other Finnish universities, where international applicant numbers have risen by one and a half times. Approximately 28% of all applicants to Taideyliopisto were international students. Marjo Kaartinen, Vice-Rector of the university, attributes this international interest to the excellent reputation of Taideyliopisto as a study destination, along with positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

Kaartinen states, "We receive many applications from students who have participated in student exchange programs here, and those who have graduated from our university often promote us when sharing their experiences. This personal marketing has a significant impact."

Interest in the field of music technology has been steadily rising for several years, as evidenced by the increased number of applicants to the program this year, which grew by 22% compared to two years ago. Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski, responsible teacher and lecturer, believes that this growing interest and the increase in applicants for the music technology program are a result of the increasing accessibility of music technology tools and practices.

"Today, it is easier to find general information about music technology practices, and the hardware is more affordable. As a result, more people can experiment with creating music using technology and become excited about the field," explains Decoster-Taivalkoski.

To facilitate student progress within the music technology program, Taideyliopisto has introduced three profile paths, enabling students to specialize in specific areas of expertise. These profiles guide students towards becoming specialists in music recording and production, film and game music, or creative electronic music practices.

The names of admitted students are listed on the university's website, with only those who have granted permission for their names to be published included.

The University of the Arts Helsinki (Taideyliopisto) has experienced a significant increase in interest and applications, particularly from international students. The selection of 313 new students across various programs reflects the university's reputation as one of Finland's most desirable study destinations. With a rise in interest in fields such as music technology and the implementation of specialized profile paths, Taideyliopisto continues to offer innovative and appealing educational opportunities for aspiring artists and performers.