Alavuden middle school has won the nationwide "School cafeterias to restaurants" contest with its Friendship table proposal. The competition aimed to increase young people's participation in planning school meals, offer an easy way for schools to collect young people's ideas on improving the school meal situation, and encourage the implementation of these ideas. Alavude middle school's winning proposal involves creating a separate "friendship table" in the school cafeteria, where students can sit when they feel lonely.

The idea was created by seventh-grade students Eemeli Eklund, Vilhelmiina Koivula, Iines Onnela, Eemeli Rantala, and Lotta Uitto.

The expert panel awarded the idea a €1,000 stipend, stating that the simple and easily implementable idea addresses the topical issue of youth loneliness, which also affects school meals. The panel also awarded an honorable mention to Tuusulan Hyrylän middle school for their Make ingredients familiar for students proposal, which involves creating informative displays near the cafeteria menu. The displays will educate students about the ingredients and preparation of school meals, as well as their environmental and nutritional benefits.

The competition received many good ideas and requests, which schools can now implement. Ideas included different ways to enhance the cafeteria's ambiance, such as student-created playlists. Overall, the contest was designed to encourage student engagement in school meal planning, enhance the quality of school meals, and reduce youth loneliness.