Over 30,000 people have applied to study at the University of Helsinki through the joint application process for higher education. The most popular program is the legal clerk program, while the new master's program in healthcare development has become the most popular master's program. The university received 27,300 applications for undergraduate programs and 3,200 for master's programs.

The most popular program is the legal clerk program with 3,574 applicants, followed by the medical program with 3,364 applicants, and the psychology program with 2,910 applicants. The new master's program in healthcare development received almost 1,500 applications, making it the most popular master's program, followed by the pharmacy program with 288 applicants and the psychology program with 233 applicants.

The University of Helsinki has been a top choice for applicants year after year, and this trend seems to be continuing. The university's rector, Sari Lindblom, thanked the applicants for their trust and assured them that the university would do its best to provide them with the best education possible.

The University of Helsinki's medical faculty will launch a new program in healthcare development in the fall of 2023, and it has already received an excellent response. Almost half of all applicants for the university's master's programs applied to this program. The program's planning and preparation group chair, Anu-Katriina Pesonen, said that Finland needs healthcare professionals who can develop the industry and provide expertise in demanding specialist, research, and management roles. Pesonen is delighted that the program has received such a positive response in its first year.

Additionally, 229 people applied for the open path, which is an alternative to certificate selection and entrance exams. The most popular program through the open path is the computer science undergraduate program, with 61 applicants. The legal clerk program received the second-highest number of applicants at 53. The open path refers to applying to become a degree student based on studies completed in an open university.

The education sector expanded the open path application this year. The open path in the education sector is part of the joint application process. A genuine alternative to certificate selection and entrance exams is the open path in education. For instance, in teacher training, ten percent of the suitability test invitations are reserved for open path applicants. The University of Helsinki's education sector received 207 applicants through the open path.

The high number of applicants indicates that education is still a crucial factor for personal and professional development. The University of Helsinki is doing its best to provide high-quality education and is thankful for the trust placed in it by the applicants.