The University of Vaasa is set to showcase the educational and social learning potential of its expansive retro arcade games collection at this year's Vaasa Games Days (VGD), which takes place during the university's annual science fair, Mission Possible, on March 21-22.

Known for having the largest working arcade games collection in Finland, the University of Vaasa aims to demonstrate how the games contribute to a variety of disciplines and studies,

ranging from electronics and biomechanics to game design and even space exploration. The games offer attendees the chance to experience, learn, and imagine through interactive and immersive gameplay.

In addition to their educational potential, these retro games have a unique social learning value. They serve as social magnets, attracting people of all ages and backgrounds to engage in fun-driven interactions, spectacles, and tournaments. This year's VGD will feature exciting tournaments hosted by Wasa Game Scene, highlighting the games' continued popularity and relevance in today's gaming landscape.

The event will also provide a platform for students of the future to gain practical experience. Flexible Learning (Joustava perusopetus, JOPO) students from Keuruu Upper School will be part of the onsite crew, helping visitors and partners during the event. Their participation is part of a larger project, All-in-Ed, funded by Erasmus+ and aimed at increasing school inclusion by promoting alternative modes of learning that address 21st-century challenges.

Wanda O Rly, aka Valtteri Lahti, COO of Psyon Games, will host the event. A passionate advocate for science education and environmental sustainability, Wanda emphasizes the importance of reinforcing learning through games.

The event will also include workshops covering leadership, ethics, trends, as well as programming and developing for children and youth. By highlighting the educational and social potential of retro arcade games, the University of Vaasa is encouraging participants to look back to the past to help pave the way for future learning and innovation.

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