Students at the Kaisa House, the Helsinki University main library, in Helsinki, Finland. LEHTIKUVA


According to a survey conducted by E2 Tutkimus, 86% of foreign degree students living in Finland are well settled and have adjusted quickly to life in the country. However, 47% of the surveyed students plan to leave the country after graduation, with 32% citing poor career advancement opportunities in Finland as the reason. The report suggests that language barriers, limited opportunities to connect with the Finnish society, and difficulty finding friends are among the key challenges international students face in the country.

The study also highlights the importance of social networks in helping international talents find work, with one in four employed or job-seeking foreigners getting job information from friends. Moreover, families of foreign talents face adjustment challenges, with 67% finding it difficult to adjust to life in Finland due to challenges in finding work. The report recommends that employers should consider relaxing language requirements for some positions and provide support to the families of foreign talents.

The survey was conducted among 2,500 international talents, including expatriate Finns, expatriates who returned to Finland, foreigners living, working, or applying for work in Finland, foreigners who moved to Finland because of their spouse or partner, and foreigners pursuing higher education degrees in Finland.