Kristina studies Business Informatics and will graduate as a Master of Engineering in Business Informatics from Metropolia; Finland’s largest University of Applied Sciences.


Every one of us can make a difference – Metropolia’s role as Finland’s largest university of applied sciences is to enable our students to do just that. Besides skills and knowledge, we provide chances to put innovative ideas to the test in real life.

As we’re closely connected to the working life in the Helsinki metropolitan area, our students are surrounded by a wide variety of innovation projects as well as traineeship and employment opportunities. At Metropolia we encourage multidisciplinary thinking and continuous learning – which is why we support unique study paths.

One student who found her unique path for making a difference with Metropolia is Kristina Uluturhan. Kristina made Finland her home almost 16 years ago when she moved from Estonia to Helsinki with a Bachelor’s Degree from Tallinn University. Since her relocation to Finland, she has been employed by companies such as Rautaruukki and Fujitsu - most recently as an IT Release Manager at Fujitsu.

As a result oriented person, Kristina had set a personal goal of starting her master’s level degree studies before her 40th birthday. In the beginning of 2021, she achieved this goal and was accepted to study Business Informatics at Metropolia. The field of study is close to Kristina’s heart having worked in various IT and SAP rollout projects for over a decade. Through her work experience, she also knows the growing demand for digital transformation across industries.

The international atmosphere combined with a strong industry collaboration including real life company cases are only a few examples why Kristina is happy with her decision of choosing Metropolia. She also lists as a big plus the modern learning facilities and study equipment provided by Metropolia - including software and laptops. Given the recent covid pandemic, Kristina gives thanks to Metropolia’s advanced use of technology which has enabled remote teaching and online lectures.

One exciting example of the close industry collaboration is Kristina’s recent study trip which took her to Germany, Berlin in November 2021. A group of Metropolia’s students participated in the International Sustainability Week, and the study trip included implementing a sustainability project for NochMall – a German secondhand concept chain. The team evaluated NochMall’s current sustainability performance and through extensive research formulated suggestions on how the company could improve their sustainability efforts in the future. Kristina says the project tested the team's project management skills – which is part of the degree curriculum – and the successful project outcome was achieved by following agile project management methods in an international setting. The project also gave her valuable networking opportunities with her German peers.

Why does Kristina recommend master’s level studies at Metropolia? Kristina responds: “In a short period of time, I have come to notice that Metropolia – as Finland's largest university of applied sciences – has top-notch learning facilities and campuses, and quality teaching with lecturers and teachers who are willing to go the extra mile to help their students to thrive. The staff at Metropolia is very helpful with any challenges you might experience. Everything you need for your studies is provided by Metropolia in terms of equipment and software. I have learned from industry experts and have already in a short period of time networked both locally and internationally.”

What about Kristina’s future plans? Kristina says she plans to settle in Finland for good. She appreciates the Finnish education system even more since starting her studies at Metropolia. She has experienced first-hand how Finland encourages people to continuous learning throughout their work careers. One aspect especially close to her heart? Work life and personal life balance in the capital region Helsinki. As a mother of two, it is apparent that Kristina has found her calling in Finland with even more advanced career possibilities after she graduates from Metropolia.

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