The international interest attracted by Finnish schools has increased the educational export of Finnish basic education. Schools following the Finnish education model have been established in different countries in Asia, for example.

These schools operating in international environments follow locally tailored and approved curricula that are based on the Finnish National core curriculum (2014). These schools following the Finnish education model differ in many respects from Finnish schools operating abroad.

FINEEC has now developed an audit model for auditing international schools following the Finnish education model. The audits verify that the principles related to these schools’ operation and organisation of education really are in line with the Finnish school characteristics. After having passed the audit, the school receives a quality label that will be valid for four years.

FINEEC's audit model and the audit criteria related to it will first be piloted in one school. After the pilot audit, the audit model will also be available to other schools.

- It is very important that the audit will provide the schools with support for achieving the objectives of instruction and directing the future development activities. FINEEC also wants to create preconditions for the continuous development of the operation of international schools, says Senior Evaluation Advisor Chris Silverström.

The audits are conducted in accordance with the principles of enhancement-led evaluation. This means that FINEEC's audit team will help the schools identify their strengths, good practices and areas in need of development. After having passed the audit, the education provider receives a quality label that will be valid for four years.

The criteria of the audit model are related to the learning environment, staff, teaching groups, the primary principles of school culture, teaching practices and school leadership, in which attention is paid especially to developing the Finnish characteristics. Four evaluation areas have been formed on the basis of the criteria.

FINEEC implements the international audits as evaluation services subject to a fee.