Country Promotion

President Rouhani speaking at the general assembly of the United Nations.In recent years, a dominant voice has been repeatedly heard: "The military option is on the table." Against the backdrop of this illegal and ineffective contention, let me say loudly and clearly that "peace is within reach." So, in the name of the Islamic Republic of Iran, I propose, as a starting step, the consideration by the United Nations of the project: "the World Against Violence and Extremism." (WAVE)

Let us all join this "WAVE." I invite all states, international organisations and civil institutions to undertake a new effort to guide the world in this direction. We should start thinking about "Coalition for Enduring Peace" all across the globe instead of the ineffective "Coalitions for War" in various parts of the world.

Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran invites you and the entire world community to take a step forward – an invitation to join the WAVE: World Against Violence and Extremism. We should accept and be able to open a new horizon in which peace will prevail over war, tolerance over violence, progress over bloodletting, justice over discrimination, prosperity over poverty, and freedom over despotism. As beautifully said by Ferdowsi, the renowned Iranian epic poet:

Be relentless in striving for the cause of good
Bring the spring, you must, banish the winter, you should.

Notwithstanding all difficulties and challenges, I am deeply optimistic about the future. I have no doubt that the future will be bright, with the entire world solidly rejecting violence and extremism. Prudent moderation will ensure a bright future for the world. My hope, aside from personal and national experience, emanates from the belief shared by all divine religions that a good and bright future awaits the world. As stated in the Holy Qur'an:

And we proclaimed in the Psalms, after we had proclaimed in the Torah, that my virtuous servants will inherit the earth. (21:105)