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Player one

The demo for the awesome Sleeping Dogs is now online. If you're not sure whether to pick up this incredible open-world crime adventure get your mitts on the download right now. Here's the press blurb:

Available to download now on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Steam, the Sleeping Dogs demo offers gamers a chance to sample some of the stand-out gameplay which is making Sleeping Dogs the must-have hit of the summer. Developed by United Front Games in collaboration with Square Enix London Studios, Sleeping Dogs has received numerous accolades from the world’s media, praising its refinement of almost every feature of the open world genre from intelligent story-telling and realistic characterisation to incredible martial arts combat and slick gunplay.

The action-packed demo allows players a chance to jump right into the action and get extensive hands-on with Wei's brutal martial arts skills as he chases down a rival gang member muscling-in on his Triad turf. Gameplay unfolds as Wei pursues his target through the bustling Night Market, vaulting across numerous stalls and packing crates, scaling walls and leaping from buildings before ending in a ruthless rooftop fight. The demo continues with a sneak look at a later level, where gunplay is thrown into the mix as Wei takes on numerous opponents in a dock-side warehouse. Players perform vaults from cover, slowing time for pin-point accuracy, as they track-down their target, letting no man stand in their way.

 The Sleeping Dogs demo is available to download now and gives gamers only a glimpse of the action available in the full release. Purchase the game to take the action to the streets of Hong Kong with explosive open world car chases, numerous side missions and mini games, and online leaderboards and in-game challenges available through the extensive Social Hub.

 Released on 17th August, Sleeping Dogs is a gritty and visceral open world cop drama set in the vibrant city of Hong Kong. Taking the role of undercover cop Wei Shen, players are tasked with taking down one of the world's most fearsome criminal organisations from the inside. Offering players an island packed with action, every street corner, market stall, harbour dock or city skyscraper can become an opportunity for intense shoot-outs, adrenaline-fuelled street races and intense, brutal martial arts combat. Featuring one of the most intuitive and imaginative combat systems, Sleeping Dogs empowers players to perform an extensive set of martial arts moves, singlehandedly taking on numerous opponents. Players perform bone-crunching kicks and combos, vicious counters and a cinematic set of environmental takedowns making use of countless real-world items from circular saws to phone booths, incinerators to refrigerator doors.

 Sleeping Dogs is out now for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows PCs. For more information about the game, visit http://www.sleepingdogs.net and join our facebook page at www.facebook.com/SleepingDogsGame for regular updates.