A customer going into an unemployment office in Pasila, in Helsinki. LEHTIKUVA


According to a recent survey by OP Financial Group's Taloustutkimus, almost half of Finnish people consider unemployment highly unlikely in the next year, with over 70% of respondents considering it either highly or somewhat unlikely. The survey was conducted during a period of economic uncertainty, and the positive outlook towards employment is a welcome surprise. However, 44% of respondents say they are not prepared for unemployment, with a further 13% unsure if they are prepared or not.

This lack of preparedness is most prevalent among the youngest and older age groups, with 39% of 50-64 year olds saying they are prepared for unemployment.

The survey also found that almost a fifth of respondents are planning to change jobs voluntarily in the next year, with better pay being the main motivation for over half of them. Women were less likely than men to cite pay as a reason for wanting to change jobs. In light of the survey results, Sari Heinonen, CEO of OP-Henkivakuutus, emphasized the importance of financial preparedness for unemployment, especially given the potential for unexpected additional costs.

OP Financial Group offers a range of incentives to help retain employees, including results-based pay, and comprehensive insurance and pension solutions.