Cornelia Tuoriniemi values the Hannusjärvi lake immensely.Espoo’s Hannusjärvi, with its peaceful scenery, is a great place to raise a family.

Cornelia Tuoriniemi, 51, lived in Manhattan, NYC, for the majority of her life up until three years ago when she, her Finnish husband and her three kids moved to Finland. She now lives in a row house in Hannusjärvi. Tuoriniemi has a Master’s degree in psychology and now works as a teacher in an English kindergarten in Westend.

What do you like about your neighbourhood?

I like my neighbourhood because of how peaceful it is, and I love how close I am to nature. My backyard goes right into the forest, and there’s a lake just down the street. After living most of my life in New York City, it’s so nice to see nature everywhere instead of concrete and skyscrapers. To me it’s like living in the countryside, but still having access to everything.

Did you know?

• Hannusjärvi is an area within Kaitaa. Other parts of Kaitaa are Suur-Espoonlahti Ali-Suomenoja, Bondaksenmäki, Finnoonlahti, Finnoonniitty, Hannuksenpelto, Hannusjärvi, Hyljelahti, Hyljemäki, Iivisniemi, Kaitamäki, Suomenoja and Yli-Suomenoja.

• The leader of the Finns Party (PS), Timo Soini, is originally from the Kaitaa area.

• In May 1988, conservation was established to save Hannusjärvi lake’s future.

What is special about your neighbourhood?

I think that it’s a bit special that Hannusjärvi has the only lake along this side of the Länsiväylä, the highway from Helsinki into Espoo, and I’m happy to be lucky enough to have found a place to live next to it. To me, just being able to live next to a lake is really great!

What’s one shop or service in your neighbourhood that you would like to recommend?

I would recommend Ciao Caffè Gelateria! It has a great selection of pastries, coffees, smoothies etc. Even though these are all good, my favourite thing there is the gelato. I love how they have interesting flavours and it’s really rich and creamy – the only possible negative thing is it’s very filling. I’m not sure if they have them in Helsinki or not, but I’ve seen quite a few in Espoo. I think the one in the Lippulaiva shopping centre is the best though because of how cosy, convenient and comfortable it is.

The heart-shaped Hannusjärvi lake in Espoo.What else would you like HT readers to know about your neighbourhood?

Well, there’s not very much in Hannusjärvi specifically except for one thing. The lake looks like a heart from a certain angle from above. I find that really sweet, and I think it’s just a nice touch.