Remember to use life jackets even at a familiar cottage beach. IMAGE: Finnish Fire Officers' Association


Midsummer is the most important celebration of the summer for many Finns, and it also marks the beginning of the summer vacation for many. With these tips, you can avoid unnecessary accidents during the festivities and enjoy Midsummer safely.

At the Cottage and When Leaving for the Cottage

  1. Bring spare batteries for smoke detectors. Check the functionality of the smoke detectors and replace the batteries upon arriving at the cottage.
  2. Ensure that a fire blanket is within reach and visible. A fire blanket is especially useful for extinguishing small fires and takes up little space.
  3. Make sure the first aid kit is suitable for the cottage. The kit should contain painkillers and supplies for wound care, sprains, insect bites, and stings.
  4. Know the precise address of the cottage and write it down in a visible place. The cottage number sign and road sign should be easily visible so that assistance can find the location easily, if needed.
  5. Install the 112 mobile application on your phone.

On the Road

  1. Pack your belongings in the car carefully. Loose items moving inside the car can cause life-threatening injuries during sudden braking or in the event of a collision.
  2. Drive calmly and responsibly.
  3. If you happen to be the first person at the scene of a traffic accident, stop and provide assistance to the best of your abilities. Ensure that help is on the way. Use the 112 mobile application, which displays your precise location.
  4. When emergency vehicles are responding to a call, give way by moving to the right side of the road. On multiple-lane roads such as highways, help create a passage for emergency vehicles by merging to the left lane, allowing vehicles in the left lane to move to the left edge of the road. This allows emergency vehicles to reach the accident scene quickly, even in traffic congestion.

For more instructions in case of accidents, visit the website.

In Nature

  1. Check for current forest fire warnings before lighting a fire. During a warning, all open fires are prohibited, including campfires, portable stoves, and disposable grills. Forest fire warnings are in effect nationwide during Midsummer.

Find out what constitutes an open fire here.

  1. Pay attention to your own, children's, and pets' need for drinking water in the wilderness. Especially in warm weather, it is crucial to ensure sufficient hydration throughout the entire hike.
  2. Dress appropriately for protection against the sun, insects, and cold weather.

On the Water

  1. Wear a life jacket before getting on the water.
  2. Always swim parallel to the shore and ensure that you can reach the shore on your own if necessary.
  3. Supervise children near the water. Make sure that children are never at the shore without a responsible adult present.

Throughout Midsummer

  1. Ensure a safe Midsummer for yourself, the environment, and your loved ones—consume alcohol only in moderation.

By following these guidelines, you can make sure that your Midsummer celebration is both enjoyable and safe. Have a wonderful and responsible Midsummer!