Finland’s first sex doll brothel opened its doors in 2018. It got some hype and attention but managed to operate for less than a year. Unique Dolls also gained international media coverage but it was not enough to maintain its existence. This is a sponsored article.

November is commonly known as a dark and rainy month but back in 2018, they wanted to bring some new source of light to Helsinki. It was time to open the first sex doll brothel in Finland and Unique Dolls started to welcome its guest as of 15 November.

Media coverage from around the world

The Unique Dolls was a brothel that opened its mysterious doors in Helsinki back in 2018. It was located in the Kannelmäki Shopping Centre, more precisely on their basement floor. The shopping centre is currently known as Kaari and it’s located in Kannelmäki, about 12 kilometres from Helsinki city centre. 

The opening of an exciting doll brothel gained a lot of attention and it was mentioned by several news sites both domestically and internationally. The Finnish media wrote about the opening also because there was a well known local reality star playing a big role at the start. This reality star has been in the tabloids for several years ever since he started his career in well-known TV shows. 

The concept of the Unique Dolls is sex dolls as the name tells. Unique Dolls offered dolls only in female figures but there is obviously market share for male dolls too.

The mission behind the Unique Dolls

The Unique Dolls wanted to respond to the demand of human closeness and fill certain needs. The crew found out that people have started to have difficulties getting to get known other people. Loneliness is increasing and it can come from different reasons. 

Bad self-esteem or self-image can make it hard to approach the opposite sex but the needs for sexual desires remains the same. Unique Dolls saw an opportunity to respond to this need by establishing Finland’s very first doll brothel in Helsinki. 

Every adult was welcome to the brothel but it was targeted to straight men with a lack of sex. The dolls were only female-like but the staff was open to considering offering male options as well. The supply was made based on the demand since female dolls have a much bigger market than male dolls. 

Pricing and the remote location

An hour with a sex doll at Unique Dolls cost 100 euros. The brothel was open from Monday to Thursday from 12 a.m. to 12 p.m and Fridays and Saturdays it was open until 2 a.m. The owner did not see any issues or problems with the people living close to the brothel because there was no one living in the actual building where Unique Dolls was located. 

There could have been four customers at the same time and the location was placed further from the city centre to avoid too much attention. The dolls were cleaned and the whole room was sanitised after the visit. The rules of the brothel said that the customer must use a condom offered by the house in case of penetration.

Hygiene was one of the top priorities for Unique Dolls and the cleaner staff made sure that the equipment was entirely clean after every visit. They also changed the clothes and the wigs of the dolls after every usage. 

The cleaning took more or less one hour and the company hoped that it would not affect the viability of the business. Their sincere hope and thought were that there would have been many people in Finland who could use such a service.

Doors closed in October 2019

Unfortunately, the story of the Unique Dolls was relatively short. Despite the hype and wishful thoughts, it needed to close the business in the following October. This means that it managed to exist for less than a year. 

Unique Dolls marketed itself as a place for state-of-art sex dolls but the venture did not attract enough customers to maintain a good business. Costs could not be covered and the place needed to be shut down. 

The famous reality star operating behind the scenes stated that it was useless to run the show despite he learned a lot during the journey. Using sex dolls carries still today a negative stigma even though the crew tried their best to market the place on an international scale too. 

The Unique Dolls closed its doors and the things needed to be sorted away. Some of the dolls were damaged too much so that they needed to be thrown away but there were a few that were on sale online.

Barcelona first in Europe

Unique Dolls was an interesting case in a sense of relative rareness. There are no sex doll brothels in every town or city in Europe so bringing one to the capital of Finland was a thing that raised interest also elsewhere in the continent. 

One of the most interesting ones is found in Barcelona which opened the first sex doll brothel in the whole of Europe. For instance, Lumi Dolls is located in a heart of Barcelona and it is aiming to offer the world’s first hyper-realistic sex. 

They have strong values by offering services that respect the law 100 percent and they want to do it with absolute confidentiality. The experience of the customer will remain only between them and the doll. Lumidolls come with no latex and they use only the best silicone or TPE to grant pleasure. 

It exists also in Italy and Russia so who knows if Unique Dolls got some inspiration from their operation. The Russian entrepreneur behind Unique Dolls wanted to remain anonymous. The future will show what there will be offered in Helsinki but currently, you cannot enjoy it in Finland's capital.