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When one imagines winter in Finland, a number of images will almost instantly be conjured up. No matter what it is you do imagine, snow and darkness will figure in the majority of these images. Finland is one of the most northernmost occupied areas in the world, and as a result, long periods of darkness are nothing new for locals.

Whereas some countries would be on the brink of hysteria if they were to suddenly experience the winter climate of Finland, the Finns have learned not only to simply adapt to the winter, but to thrive in it. So, here is a  highlight of three ways to make the most of the winter period in Finland.

Dress Appropriately

This may seem obvious, but you would also be surprised by the number of people who fail to wrap up warm on a daily basis. The secret to making the most of the winter and spending much needed time outside is making sure that you are dressed appropriately.

A comfortable under-layer is key to keeping your skin dry and is the foundation to any great winter outfit. From here, makes sure to wrap up warm and to top it off with a waterproof outer layer. Always make sure to remember to wear a hat, gloves and thick socks. The last thing you want is to have cold hands or wet feet as it can turn a beautiful day in the snow into a tragedy.

Bring the Entertainment to You

With winter being winter, it is fair to say that you will also be spending a large amount of time indoors. While many people can find this boring if they are not used to it, there are number of great ways to transform your home into a source of entertainment. While the majority of us will have had movie nights, we recommend having yourself your very own game night.

There are now an amazing selection of board games or multiplayer console games you can play with friends and family. You can also go online and play against anyone in the world; maybe a friend you living abroad. There are also gaming sites which can provide you with hours of entertainment. Choose your own snacks, invite some friends over, put on your favourite playlist, and before you know it, your home will be transformed into your very own personal arena.

Hot Drinks all Round

Whether it is when you are outside, just returning home or even if have been camping on the couch in front of the fire all day, a hot drink is your best friend in winter. Get yourself a selection of teas, coffees, hot juices and cocoas at the beginning of the season, and always make sure to keep your inventory stocked.

Coffee is incredibly popular in Finland, and it is no surprise given that it heats you up and provides you with a well needed energy boost on those long, dark evenings. In fact, Finns rank among the world’s top coffee consuming nations per capita. Be prepared to be offered a cup of coffee almost every time you arrive to a friend’s home, it is almost an official custom in Finland at this point.

The bottom line is to embrace the winter. Wrap yourself up warm, get outside and enjoy the snow but also grab yourself well needed break with a cup of coffee and take advantage of the digital age in order to entertain yourself at home. Follow these steps and you’ll soon find that the winter has as much to offer as the summer.