The heatwave is gone and a record high-temperature month is behind us, but August is just starting with even more pleasant weather forecasted. For those who still have some vacation left; here are 5 tips for an eco-friendly end of summer so you can enjoy the rest of your summer in the greenest way possible.

Every action that people take to conserve energy, enjoy nature, and stay healthy with conscience helps the global community to fight climate change and secure a brighter future for the next generation.

Staycation and make it fun

Staying home for some of the summers can be fun, for real, what you need to make it work:

  • Plan activities to do at home
  • Transform spaces into new experiences, for example, turn your backyard into a jungle with decoration, etc.
  • Have theme nights
  • Ask family members for suggestions and implement them

Reducing travel during the summer minimizes your carbon footprint overall and can save you money for planning better getaways. But if you can’t stop your wanderlust ways, research local or carbon-neutral options that work for you.

Schedule your online games

Online games have become one of the biggest forms of entertainment that do not cause overheating unless you play with high stakes, of course. There’s probably a gamer or two in your home, so go ahead and enjoy your online games with less guilt by scheduling your games so that you can save energy.

Play when it's least hot so that you don't overheat your equipment or overuse the air conditioner, it also helps so that everyone at home can game easily.

Use the power of the sun

The sun has incredible benefits for your health, like reducing stress, but it can also help your budget, plus the ability to lead an eco-friendly life and summer.

  1. Here are two ways you can use the power to your advantage this summer:
  2. Let some light inside to illuminate your space
    Plant some veggies and fruits

The sun is often viewed as the enemy during the summer but once you recognize the good things it provides your mind might be changed over.

Always remember your sunscreen when being in the sun, safety first!

For the sun experts

If you want to emulate the green living pro’s, get some solar panels for your home, that way the sun will provide you with the energy to power some, if not all, of your home.

Eat naturally and plenty

A lot of people can find their appetite affected by the summer heat, but eating can help you deal with temperature in a healthy eco-friendly way, here is how to do it:

  • Choose veggies and fruits that are in season, these will have more water in then and just the right kind of vitamin and mineral to keep you going.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and avoid wasting it. If you don't want to drink it use it to water plants or wash produce.
  • Try to stay clear of heavy meals since they make you hotter.

There you go 5 tips for an eco-friendly summer, easy, simple to follow guides to enjoy your time and stay green!