A survey commissioned by Pohjola Insurance indicates that people in Finland are currently dreaming of everyday things. In addition to spring cleaning, they have set their sights on a holiday at a cabin and doing something concrete with friends and family.

Pohjola Insurance commissioned a survey on the bucket lists people in Finland currently have. More than 70 per cent of their dreams this year have to do with wellbeing and a better life.

Enjoying life and travelling in Finland account for nearly equal percentages (70 per cent and 67 per cent, respectively). Only half of their dreams involve international travel and a quarter involve extreme sports.

According to the survey, 32 per cent of the respondents dream of doing spring cleaning or decluttering while 29 per cent would like to take a holiday at a cabin and 28 per cent would enjoy doing things together with friends and family. Women and students, in particular, said they dream of doing spring cleaning or decluttering, whereas the number one dream for men is to attend a live gig or concert. Spending time at a holiday cabin is also top of the list for all respondent groups.

– The bucket lists of people in Finland include very down-to-earth and even fairly everyday items. As soon as the coronavirus vaccinations progress and life starts returning to normal, they will be able to fulfil their dreams more freely. We want people to start dreaming bigger and bolder now, says Sari Styrman, Director, Claims Settlement, Pohjola Insurance.

Frank Martela, a researcher at Aalto University and docent of the psychology of wellbeing, has asked his students to write about their dreams. The results have been along the same lines. The students’ dreams also often concern family or their own home.

– The media highlights individuals whose dream or vision is something big and extraordinary. However, most people in Finland dream of fairly ordinary things. Also, up to 57 per cent of the respondents in the Pohjola Insurance survey believe they will fulfil all of their dreams, which shows that their dreams are very attainable, Martela says.

Nearly half the respondents cited money as an obstacle to fulfilling their dreams. Other obstacles include their own lack of initiative and the uncertain situation in the world.

– The coronavirus pandemic has not necessarily had a major impact on the dreams of people in Finland. Dreams frustrated by the pandemic were not highlighted in the survey results. Live music and concerts, made impossible by the coronavirus pandemic, rank only fourth on the list, Martela says.

Activities that were at the top of respondents’ lists when asked what dream they were most likely to fulfil included participation in and completing a sports event, reading books, donating to charity and travel that does not involve flying. Only 70 per cent of those dreaming of doing spring cleaning actually intend to do the cleaning. A total of 72 per cent of the respondents plan to take a holiday in a cabin and 80 per cent to spend time on activities with family members.

– The dreams most likely to be fulfilled are hobbies and activities to which individuals are very committed, Martela sums up.

Source: OP Financial Group