Salon Rojo Tropical saw its opening on 10 September.In case you can’t afford a plane ticket somewhere warm, Salon Rojo Tropical offers a quick getaway.

As the temperature keeps its steady decline and evenings start creeping in earlier than the day before, you may find yourself in need of a break somewhere completely different, even tropical. But let’s not get excited: that would quickly empty your savings account. A much cheaper option would be to stay in Helsinki and find something that will warm you up. Instead of having a cup of spiked hot chocolate, you may as well try out Helsinki’s newest Latin nightclub.

Devised by the Finno-Cuban couple Norlan and Satu Leygonier, the club offers live orchestras, modern cabaret dancers and a tailor made dancing floor. The Leygoniers have extensive experience in setting up Latin events such as Club Sauna Caliente and Tropicoco, that have attracted tens of thousands of visitors. After a long search for the perfect place, they have finally opened the meticulously-planned dance salon of their dreams. VDJ/MC Norlan, who was recently voted the best club host in Helsinki, will perform at the club regularly.

The club is divided between two dance salons that host completely different musical worlds. The largest salon often hosts live performers, dance shows and more musically mainstream Caribbean urban music, while the smaller one serves those eager to try out their moves with the beats of Latin tropical music. There is also a balcony with a view of the larger salon’s stage that is available for private reservations. If you’re not the dancing type you may just want to go and ogle Salon Rojo Tropical’s modern cabaret dancers and enjoy the atmosphere.

Salon Rojo Tropical
Saturdays 21:30-04:00
Erottajankatu 15-17

The club also offers salsa lessons for beginners, usually from 9.30 pm to 10 pm.