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The Helsinki Police Department announced that it has completed a preliminary investigation into a key marijuana trafficking ring in Finland. The case is part of a global crackdown on organised crime that began with “Operation Trojan Shield/Greenlight.” 

The FBI-led operation involved accessing the communications of drug syndicates across the world via an encrypted platform named ANOM, and resulted in the seizure of several tonnes of drugs and firearms and over 800 arrests. Nearly 100 people were arrested in Finland.

Acting on information acquired from Operation Trojan Shield/Greenlight, Finnish authorities began investigating a drug trafficking ring operating in Finland. In a press release, Chief Inspector of the Helsinki Police Department Toni Uusikivi revealed that police uncovered a significant amount of illegally imported marijuana in February. 

The drugs were smuggled into the country by truck and stored in a warehouse in North Helsinki. According to Uusikivi, the suspects had set out to distribute the marijuana after unloading it and were apprehended by police while delivering the product to a customer. 

The case currently has four suspects, who have been charged with aggravated narcotics and firearms offences. Part of the consignment destined for Finland reportedly made its way to Estonia due to an error. The drugs were later seized in Estonia, while the driver of the truck transporting the cargo was apprehended in connection with another smuggling case.

Finnish police have seized just over 140 pounds of marijuana, with an estimated street value of 3 million euros, in total. Uusikivi also disclosed that the ongoing investigation is only a small part of a much larger law enforcement operation. 

Tahira Sequeira

Helsinki Times