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According to the latest data from Statistics Finland, there has been a steady decline in the adoption rate in the country for the past three years. The total number of adoptions in 2020 was 77 lower than 2019.

While the number of domestic adoptions dropped significantly last year compared to the previous year, there was a slight increase in international adoptions in Finland, despite the COVID-19 crisis.  

International or intercountry adoption is the process of adopting a child from a different country. As per Statistics Finland, there were a total of 293 adoptions in Finland in 2020, of which 82 were international adoptions. In comparison, 79 out of a total of 370 adoptions were international in 2019.  

As in previous years, Thailand remained a popular choice for Finnish families looking to adopt. The majority of children adopted from abroad were born in Thailand (23 children), followed by Russia (12) and the Philippines (11). 

Two-parent families accounted for 60 per cent of international adoptions and 20 per cent of domestic adoptions. Adoptive parents in both cases were typically aged 40–44. Additionally, 40 per cent of adoptions were within the family, most commonly when individuals adopted the biological child of their spouse or registered partner.