Crowds gather at a music festival in Jämsä over Midsummer weekend (Image: Lehtikuva)

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THL HAS ATTRIBUTED THE RECENT SURGE IN COVID CASES to increased activity among "socially active" young adults, with data showing that the majority of new cases are occurring in people aged 20 to 29. 

In a recent update on the development of the pandemic, health authorities warned that bars and parties were now becoming the key hotspots for new infection outbreaks, with the number of new cases tripling in just less than three weeks.

There were 1.651 new cases of coronavirus reporting in the previous week, compared to 540 cases in the third week of June. As infections traced to young people in bars and nightclubs have soared, the number of infections acquired from abroad has halved in the same amount of time. People in the 20-29 age bracket are significantly less likely to have received a first dose of the vaccine compared to older cohorts. 

The majority of new infections are of the Delta variant, which is thought to be significantly more contagious than previous variants in circulation. Although the rising caseload has caused alarm, THL has also stressed that this has not had any impact on hospitalizations or deaths, with figures for both actually falling continuously over the past week. 


Adam Oliver Smith - HT

Image Credit: Lehtikuva