The Parliament grounds in Helsinki were the site of stirring images on Thursday as members of Finland’s cultural and events industry gathered to protest ongoing coronavirus restrictions. 

Representatives of the events and cultural fields claim that restrictions have practically paralysed the industry, which employs approximately 120,000 people, rendering them unable to earn sufficient income.

While the sector has received some aid, employees stress that it is not enough, particularly for an industry so diverse and reliant on audience participation and support. 

Many in the industry believe that it has been treated unfairly compared to others with regard to the loosening of COVID-19 restrictions.

Event organisers have handed in a statement summarising the requirements of creative sectors to the parliament. The document has been signed by 171 communities and other parties active in the industry.  

The demonstration will be followed by a panel discussion on the statement’s themes at Cinema Orion in Helsinki. The discussion will be livestreamed online here.

You can see more photos of the demonstration by scrolling through the gallery. 


Image Credit: Lehtikuva

Tahira Sequeira - HT