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According to a new survey by the Foundation for Municipal Development, Finland’s pristine nature and landscapes are the biggest source of national pride for its citizens when discussing the country with foreigners. 

74 per cent of Finns polled in the survey said they took pride in the country’s nature above all else. Finland’s social security system and public services were next, with 65 per cent of respondents considering them a prized accomplishment.

The study revealed significant differences in male and female perceptions. Women took pleasure in the country’s nature, public services and gender equality. In contrast, male respondents were most proud of Finland’s history and traditions and the country’s success in sports. 

As per the survey, Finland’s international, multicultural environment, strong economy and nationalism produced the least amount of pride. The research also revealed stark differences in peoples’ attitudes according to the political party they supported. 

SDP supporters were most proud of the quality of Finland’s social security and public services, while those that advocate for the Finns Party found the country’s history and traditions, nationalism and success in sports to be the top things to write home about. 

Proponents of the National Coalition Party cited the low rates of crime and corruption, as well as gender equality and successful companies, as their greatest sources of pride. 

Left Alliance and Green League supporters rated public services as a key accomplishment, with the former also voting for gender equality and low levels of corruption. 

The main sources of national pride for the Centre Party included Finland’s high standard of living, income levels and low crime rates. The survey had a total of 1,035 respondents, with a three percent margin of error.


Tahira Sequeira

Helsinki Times