News in brief

New data from Statistics Finland indicates that the number of deaths in the country rose in 2020 compared to 2019. A total of 55,488 persons died in 2020—1,539 more than the previous year.

Women died on an average at the age of 82.1, 6.9 years older than men, who died on average at the age of 75.3 last year.

The life expectancy at birth (which indicates how many years a person aged 0 would live on average if mortality remained at current levels) was 79 years for boys and 84.6 years for girls. The life expectancy for boys dropped by 0.13 years while it increased by 0.09 years for girls compared to 2019. 

The infant mortality rate also reached a record low in 2020, with 83 children dying before the age of one, compared to 96 in 2019. The infant mortality per one thousand live-born children in Finland stood at 1.8 in 2020.

Additionally, data on population changes revealed that Finland’s birth rate, which has been on the decline for nine years, stopped falling in 2020.  

The fertility rate in the country dropped from 1.87 children in 2010 to 1.35 children per woman in 2019, reaching the lowest levels ever recorded in Finland’s history. 

The birth rate rose slightly to 1.37 children per woman in 2020. A total of 46,463 children were born in Finland last year—850 more than the previous year.

Women aged 30 to 34 witnessed the highest increase in fertility rate: 95 children per one thousand women in 2020, compared to 92 children the previous year. Those aged 25–29 and 35–40 also recorded a slight rise in fertility rate last year, while the rate remained unchanged for all other age groups.