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The number of dogs registered in the country exceeded the number of newborn babies for the first time last year. According to Statistics Finland, there were 46,452 births in Finland in 2020, while the number of newly registered dogs stood at 48,895—a difference of nearly 2,500. 

The Finnish Kennel Club revealed that the registration of new dogs increased by almost 8 per cent last year, fuelled by a growing demand for pets due to coronavirus restrictions.

According to MTV, dog breeders have resorted to using their own networks instead of advertising to cope with the deluge of requests for puppies. All dog breeds now have a waiting period that spans at least half a year.

High demand has also prompted breeders to raise prices for certain dog pedigrees. For instance, the average price of a Jack Russell Terrier puppy has skyrocketed from 1,200 euros to 1,600.

While dog breeders continue to prepare for a puppy boom, women’s hospitals and clinics across the Helsinki metropolitan area are expecting a baby boom over spring, with many expanding their maternity wards to meet the growing demand. 

In 2020, Finland recorded a minimal rise in birth rates for the first time in 10 years. The country currently has one of the lowest fertility and birth rates in the world. 


Tahira Sequeira

Helsinki Times