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Today’s headlines featured a new Finnish study, whose results indicate efficient air filtration systems could be the first line of defence against the coronavirus. 

Meanwhile, frigid weather conditions are expected to continue, with the Finnish Meteorological Institute issuing cold weather warnings for certain parts of the country.

Study shows effective air filtration could protect against coronavirus

New research funded by Business Finland has found that indoor air quality, when combined with other preventive measures such as hand hygiene, could play a key role in containing the spread of the coronavirus. 

The interdisciplinary research team, which formed part of the “TUPA” project, investigated how Phi6 (a simulated model of the coronavirus) behaves in indoor environments such as hospitals and restaurants. 

While the virus spread over a large area within a span of 15 minutes, the team concluded that the presence of efficient air filtration and ventilation systems was enough to reduce the concentration of the virus significantly, thereby reducing the risk of infection. 


Weather warnings for parts of Helsinki as cold wave continues

Icy conditions will likely chill most parts of Finland over the next two days, with the Finnish Meteorological Institute issuing a severe frost warning for Central Finland, North Savo, North Karelia and Kainuu (Northern Finland), where temperatures could go below -25℃ on Thursday night and Friday morning.  

The mercury is expected to rise by Saturday, however, with Southern Finland likely to see temperatures of -5℃ and Central Finland reaching 0℃ over the weekend.


Tahira Sequeira

Helsinki Times