News in brief

Local news today focused on the limited supply of qualified nurses in Finland and Norway’s newly imposed border crossing policy.  


Shortage of nurses drives Finland to look abroad

Finland is currently facing an acute shortage of nurses and care workers with the situation likely to worsen in coming years. The growing demand for nurses, coupled with a steady retirement rate has led to a strong decline in the number of caregivers available.  

The demanding nature of the work and comparatively low salaries also serve to discourage youngsters from taking up the profession. The scarcity is most strongly felt in the elderly care and homecare sectors. 

The shortage has compelled companies in the public as well private sector to hire foreign caregivers. An increasing number of private healthcare companies have employed nurses from the Philippines, with some even providing medical training and Finnish classes online.  

Norway gets soldiers to guard its borders with Finland

In a bid to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Norway is enforcing new restrictions on border crossing. According to a press release on the Norwegian Armed Forces website, soldiers will begin monitoring four border crossings between Finland and Norway from Tuesday onwards.

The defense forces, in cooperation with the police, will be in charge of the borders till at least 2 February. While the Utsjoki border will be completely shut, tourists may enter the country via the other three crossings, provided they produce proof that they tested negative for the coronavirus.