New Year's Eve in Finland was relatively peaceful and quiet this year. Celebrations were understated in many areas and there were no major incidents reported by the police.

Officials in various regions across the country urged citizens to stay indoors to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Many chose to follow recommendations and brought in the new year quietly at home. As per the police centre in Oulu, for instance, the evening seemed to proceed like a normal Friday night.

In the Helsinki metropolitan area there were a few minor traffic jams with crowds converging in the city centre. In a bid to prevent large gatherings, the city decided to forego the traditional fireworks display in favour of a specially designed laser transmitted from the Helsinki Olympic Stadium. 

Despite a city-wide ban on launching rockets from public spaces, the Helsinki night sky was lit up by splendid displays of fireworks as people gathered in small groups to bid farewell to what has undoubtedly been a troubling year.

You can see more photos of the New Year's Eve celebrations in Helsinki by scrolling through the gallery.


Image credit: Lehtikuva

Tahira Sequeira - HT