News in brief

Government-owned Finnish railway company VR Group is set to begin cooperation negotiations (commonly known as yt-neuvottelut in Finnish) next week. The negotiations will determine the extent to which VR will cut back on its workforce next year. 

The lay-offs could potentially affect approximately 3,000 people working for the company, as well as its Fleetcare division and the subsidiary Avecra. Fleetcare employees service and maintain the rail fleet, while Avecra handles catering. Around 950 Fleetcare and 400 Avecra employees could be let go next year. 

In a recently released statement, VR declared that it has encountered a significant decrease in customer demand due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. According to current estimates, it could take years for the company to fully recover and return to pre-pandemic levels.

The group already began laying off employees earlier this year. The cooperation negotiations for the new round of cutbacks will start on Thursday. Depending on the employee group, the lay-offs could either last for upto 90 days or continue indefinitely. 


Tahira Sequeira

Helsinki Times