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Shelby Hautala

News in brief

While the average person is buying eggs for their household needs, a youth gang in Sweden is now using them to create chaos.

Youths have been witnessed throwing eggs at buildings, store fronts, houses, parked cars, moving cars and even directly at families who are enjoying their day at the park.  Police were able to locate the stores which the youth gang was buying eggs from, and made the store owners aware of the current situation.  

As of a couple of days ago two stores in Sweden, one in Lindome and one in Bollebygd, have now reportedly banned the selling of eggs to customers under the age of 18 years old. Employees will be checking identifications to verify the age of egg buyers. Although this will decrease the amount of egg sales in these stores, the owners are hoping the new rule will help limit the amount of vandalism in the communities and make families feel safer.

Throwing eggs at the windshield of a moving car can be extremely dangerous and cause accidents by obstructing the drivers view. In addition, removing raw eggs from cars and buildings can be difficult and expensive. The police in Sweden are advising families in these areas to be taking extra precautions while outside and to keep an eye on their surroundings. 

Police will be continuing to investigate the situation and are asking people to only use eggs for household needs.


Shelby Hautala - Helsinki Times