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A RESTAURANT IN RASEBORG HAS TAKEN THE DECISION TO CLOSE AND PLACE ALL OF ITS STAFF into quarantine following a revelation that a patron who had recently dined at the there has tested positive for COVID-19. 

The Köttkontrollen Steakhouse and Bar closed its doors yesterday after management had been informed that a person had dined there last Thursday evening, before testing positive for coronavirus the following Tuesday. In a Facebook post, the bar's management announced that it is taking the step of quarantining its entire staff as a precautionary measure. The restaurant plans to reopen "sometime in August".

Originally, the restaurant was only going to request that the staff who were working last Thursday enter a quarantine period. However, since all staff members have been interacting with each other since then, it was decided that it would be safer to quarantine the entire team.

Currently, there is no evidence that any of the wait staff or the patrons present at the same time as the infected individual has tested positive for COVID-19. The incident follows news of an infected person dining at a restaurant in Kotka, where 200 people were potentially exposed to the virus. None of the staff have been asked to quarantine and that restaurant continues to operate as normal.


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