News in brief

THL HAS RAISED THE ALARM after a traveler on a busy Tallink cruise ship from Helsinki to Tallinn last week tested positive for the coronavirus. It is believed that the individual could have exposed a number of people aboard the vessel to the virus.

The ship in question was a Tallink cruise ship that departed from Helsinki for Tallinn on Tuesday 30 June at 6:30pm. That same ship then departed from Tallinn for Helsinki on Wednesday 1 July at 12:30pm, with the infected individual on board for both journeys.

Health authorities have warned that anyone who was present on either of these journeys to closely monitor themselves for symptoms of the coronavirus and to "immediately" contact their healthcare provider for a test if symptoms do emerge. THL says that there have now been several cases in which a traveler on a cruise ship from Finland has tested positive for COVID-19 after their voyage. 

THL has also reiterated that the risk of infection from non-close contact is low and that efforts have been made to identify and quarantine those who are known to have been in close contact with an infected person aboard a cruise ship. 


Adam Oliver Smith - HT