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BURGER-IN OY, THE COMPANY THAT OWNS THE FAST FOOD GIANT HESBURGER, looks set to be the largest beneficiary of the government's emergency aid package for restaurant industry businesses and workers. 

Although the government announced yesterday that their €123 million compensation scheme was designed to help small and medium-sized businesses stay afloat during the pandemic, which has likely caused the deepest recession in living memory, it seems that some massive companies stand to benefit. The company that owns Hesburger had a turnover of around €105 million in 2017, but will still be eligible for a significant chunk of the government's aid package. 

According to Helsingin Sanomat, which today asked government figures who would stand to benefit the most from the scheme, Burger-In Oy's business structure is divided in such a way that the individual companies under its banner will likely fall below the maximum aid threshold laid out in the terms and conditions for the scheme. This means that companies such as Hesburger, despite being one of the largest in Finland, will be eligible to receive millions of euros in government aid. 

When the compensation scheme was first announced yesterday, the Finnish Hospitality Association MARA claimed that the structure of the scheme would unfairly favour large restaurant industry players over small, independent businesses. 


Adam Oliver Smith - HT

Image Credit: Lehtikuva