A glimpse inside a model facility tent earlier today (Image: Lehtikuva)

News in brief

HELSINKI UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL (HUS) has unveiled prototypes of new emergency hospital facilities designed to meet surging demand should a sudden spike in COVID-19 hospitalization materialize. The new facilities are designed to be quickly constructed in underground car parks around Helsinki. 

The facilities that can be seen in the photo gallery above are a prototype model that was trialed by HUS staff today. If needed, it is believed that the emergency facilities will first be constructed in the underground car park beneath the main HUS facility in Meilahti. The prototype was designed and constructed with the help of the Finnish Red Cross. 

While so far the COVID-19 outbreak in Finland has not overwhelmed healthcare services, HUS has previously stated their intention to be ready for any eventualities, including that of a sudden and dramatic upswing in hospitalizations from the virus. The emergency facilities are designed to hold and effectively treat 150 patients at a time. 

You can see more of the backup facilities by scrolling through the gallery. 



Image Credit: Lehtikuva