Although more electricity is consumed during the autumn and winter months, there are several ways to keep costs down so that bills don’t soar above summer levels.

The price of electricity has been falling since May and is currently wavering sideways. The price has been pulled down by good water conditions, the decrease in fuel prices and the negative economic outlook.

“The future development in pricing is still somewhat difficult to predict, since in addition to the economic situation it is also affected by the duration of the shutdowns of nuclear power plants and how quickly the weather turns cold,” says product specialist Peter Strandberg of Vattenfall electricity sales.

This means that prices may continue their decline – or rise significantly at once. It is therefore a good time to check your house’s electricity contract for the winter.

“Now, with the prices being low, consumers should definitely fix the price for a longer period and choose a fixed-term contract that is as long as possible. Although the price of electricity may increase in the future, this will not be felt in the consumer’s pockets,” Strandberg says.

About a third of the electricity bill can be put to tender by consumers. By changing to a more affordable contract, a person living in a flat can save up to 50 euros, whereas smart use of an electric heater can lead to savings of more than a 100 euros.

“Finns are pretty lazy when it comes to changing electricity distributors. They would rather switch to a different contract within the same company. When looking into different companies, it is important to make sure that you are comparing the same types of agreements,” Strandberg points out.

“Consumers are beginning to change their behaviour, however, choosing wind, water, nuclear or conventional energy according to their own values,” he continues.

Save by turning off lights

Tendering different electricity contracts is not the only thing that you can do to influence the total sum on your electricity bill. Consumption habits at home play just as important a role. “For example, users of electric heaters can reduce the total sum by adjusting the heat in the home a few degrees lower, by investing in an air-source heat pump and checking to make sure that air-circulation appliances are set correctly,” Strandberg advises.

“You can also save electricity in a flat by turning off unnecessary lights or entertainment devices when they are not in use. Small actions can lead to savings of as much as a few dozen euros.”