Empty shelves at a K-Supermarket in Ruoholahti (Image: Lehtikuva)

News in brief

CONCERNS OVER THE EFFECTS OF THE COVID-19 VIRUS has triggered a wave of stockpiling across the Finnish capital, with supermarket shelves being emptied of goods such as hand sanitiser, soap, toilet paper, and non-perishable foodstuffs. 

Although instances of panic-buying were not previously widely reported in Finland, recent measures by the government to contain the virus, such as the promotion of social distance measures and remote working, seems to have triggered large-scale stockpiling. 

HS has reported that supermarket owners have pleaded with the public to show "restraint" and have reiterated that there is "no need to go hoarding" as supermarkets will continue to have access to goods. 

You can see more photos of the empty shelves in Helsinki by scrolling through the gallery. 


Adam Oliver Smith - HT

Image Credit: Lehtikuva