The aftermath of the burst pipe on Helsinki's Uudenmaankatu this morning (Image: Lehtikuva)

News in brief

A BURST PIPE ON CENTRAL HELSINKI'S UUDENMAANKATU IN PUNAVUORI caused an "extreme" heat leak nd significant damage in the early hours of this morning, with buildings across the neighbourhood being flooded and dozens of households being left without water or power.

The caused of the rupture has not yet been determined, although it was immediately clear that the scale of the damage was highly unusual. Large plumes of steam poured out across the neighborhood, and warnings were put out by the authorities alerting people to the danger of scalding hot water cascading through the streets. 

The exact location of the burst pipe was quickly identified and is currently being repaired. Nobody was reported injured in the incident. 

You can see more photos from the damage by scrolling down. 


Image Credit: Lehtikuva