Mauri Pekkarinen (Centre), the chair of the Parliament's Commerce CommitteeThe Government must clarify the role of its ownership steering department in the administration of state-owned companies, states Mauri Pekkarinen (Centre), the chair of the Parliament's Commerce Committee. Pekkarinen believes the Government should more readily communicate its wishes regarding state-owned companies, such as Talvivaara, to Solidium, the manager of the Government's holdings. “Solidium was not built to be a vacuum where the owner's voice is inaudible. And it should not be turned into one, provided it can still claim a credible position,” Pekkarinen argued.

Minister of Economic Affairs Jan Vapaavuori (NCP) has criticised Solidium for its passive approach to Talvivaara. Pekka Haavisto (Greens), the Minister responsible for ownership steering, in turn has underlined that the situation of the mining company and the debate over Arctic icebreaking activities have demonstrated the problems associated with ownership. “The Government must realistically evaluate the overall risks of its holdings and refrain from investments that are associated with excessive environmental or other societal risks,” said Haavisto.

Lehtikuva - Jussi Nukari