Kimmo MäntyläA task force contemplating education exports proposes that students from outside the European Economic Area enrolled in English-language degree programmes in Finnish universities be charged tuition fees. The fees, the task force forwards, would have to cover the costs of the teaching, while universities would be have to establish scholarship programmes to support students liable for tuition fees.

Meanwhile, students from developing countries would be supported with scholarships disbursed from development assistance appropriations. In addition, the task force has set the target of increasing the number of foreign students in degree programmes in Finnish universities from the current roughly 20,000 to 60,000 by 2025. The conclusions of the task force were presented to Krista Kiuru (SDP), the Minister of Education and Science, on Monday by its chair, Päivi Lipponen (SDP).

Lehtikuva - Kimmo Mäntylä