Jutta Urpilainen


The district board of the Helsinki Social Democrats has formally invited EU Commissioner Jutta Urpilainen to consider running as a candidate in next year's presidential elections.

"Jutta Urpilainen would be an excellent candidate for the President of the Republic of Finland. Our times call for a leader of her caliber, someone who breaks glass ceilings and a skilled politician to steer Finland's foreign policy.

Urpilainen's experience is extensive and diverse, her role as the EU Commissioner for Partnerships has strengthened her expertise in foreign policy and her networks both within the EU and beyond. I firmly believe that Jutta has a strong chance to challenge other candidates," stated Anita Hellman, Chair of the Helsinki District of the Social Democratic Party.

Currently, Urpilainen serves as Finland's EU Commissioner, with a responsibility for international partnerships and a particular focus on Africa. Alongside her role as Commissioner, Urpilainen has also held positions as a Member of Parliament, a Minister, and the Chair of the Social Democratic Party. She served as the Minister of Finance during the depths of the Eurozone crisis, becoming the first woman to hold the position of Finland's Minister of Finance.

Jutta Urpilainen is a constructive politician with a wide international reputation, known for her approachable leadership style, excellent networking skills, and strong, optimistic personality.

The Helsinki Social Democrats' district board unanimously affirms its support for Jutta Urpilainen as a potential candidate.

"Currently, there is a demand for a presidential candidate who strongly defends human values, and that is why our choice is Jutta Urpilainen. Our membership is enthusiastic about rallying behind Jutta's campaign," assured Tuomas Finne, Executive Director of the Helsinki district.