Alexander Stubb. LEHTIKUVA


The National Coalition Party's (Kokoomus) executive board has unanimously authorized party chairman Petteri Orpo to invite Professor Alexander Stubb to be the party's candidate in the upcoming presidential elections. The decision was made during a meeting held in Helsinki on Monday. However, the executive board has decided not to recommend a consultative member vote on the presidential candidate.

"In a thorough and comprehensive discussion, the executive board deliberated on the presidential candidate and reached this decision. Stubb would be an excellent candidate for Kokoomus, and I hope he responds positively to our request," stated Orpo.

Alexander Stubb, a professor at the EU University in Florence, boasts an impressive portfolio including former positions such as Finland's Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, Deputy CEO of the European Investment Bank, Member of Parliament, Member of the European Parliament, and diplomat within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has also held the position of Kokoomus party chairman. Stubb's international experience, language skills, and extensive global network highlight his suitability for the role. His educational background includes a Doctorate in Philosophy (International Politics).

Orpo expressed satisfaction that the party's presidential candidacy has generated significant interest. He emphasized the gravity of the President of the Republic's responsibilities, particularly in the current era of permanent shifts in security policy dynamics.

"The office of the President of the Republic holds significant responsibility and demands, especially in a time when our security policy environment is undergoing lasting changes. I appreciate the readiness within Kokoomus to consider challenging roles," Orpo noted.

The official naming of Kokoomus' presidential candidate will take place at an extraordinary party congress scheduled for the autumn months.