Minister of Finance Riikka Purra (PS) talked to reporters about her past online comments at a news conference in Helsinki on 12 July 2023. Purra on Thursday told MTV Uutiset that neither she nor any of her party comrades have any need to actively repent for their past statements and writings. (Roni Rekomaa – Lehtikuva)


MEMBERS of the Finns Party have no intention to actively repent for their past writings, Minister of Finance Riikka Purra (PS) declared to MTV Uutiset on Thursday.

“Neither I, [Minister of Economic Affairs Wille] Rydman, nor any of our other ministers have any need to make confessions, actively repent or perform any other kind of tricks at the beck and call of the opposition or the Swedish People’s Party,” she stated.

“We handle our responsibilities in the manner required of ministers as the second major party in the government and comply with the government programme.”

Minister of Education Anna-Maja Henriksson (SFP) on Wednesday stated on YLE A-studio that she expects Purra and Rydman to demonstrate a willingness to change, take concrete action and show genuine remorse for their evidently racist writings.

“They themselves have to tell us about their values,” she stressed.

Henriksson on Thursday stated to MTV Uutiset that the government statement on promoting equality and non-discrimination should also contain concrete measures, and funding for enabling non-governmental organisations to combat racism, supporting the victims of racism and creating a society where no one has to experience discrimination.

Purra on Thursday responded to the demand by estimating that there is no funding for such measures unless some “ineffective projects” are abandoned.

Henriksson also estimated that the future of the ruling coalition is truly wide open.

On Friday, she said to STT that she is fairly certain that the Swedish People's Party would not have joined government formation negotiations with the Finns Party had it known about the racist writings.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT