The Centre Party chairwoman Annika Saarikko. LEHTIKUVA


On April 23, 2023, the Finnish Centre Party announced that it would be going into opposition following the election results. The party had presented a thorough program to voters and was prepared to continue its work in government if it had received strong support from the public. However, this time around, the Finnish people gave their support to other options, and the party respects the election outcome.

As a result, the party concluded that it should go into opposition, allowing the election winners to fulfill their promises to the public while they themselves focus on improving their policies and operations.

The Centre Party recognizes that being in opposition is not an end in itself. Instead, it is an opportunity to sharpen their identity, develop new solutions to societal problems, and build a centrist path towards the future. The party must learn from the political storms of the past few decades and create an alternative that unites the needs and desires of the Finnish people with the values and ideals of the Centre Party.

The Centre Party has always been committed to defending a decentralized society, local services, education, a sustainable relationship with nature, and those in need. The party is neither right-wing nor left-wing but a centrist alternative. Their stance remains clear: political polarization is a threat to balanced development and the Finnish welfare state.

While in opposition, the Centre Party will continue its constructive opposition politics. They will defend equal living opportunities for all Finnish citizens and the entire country. They will work towards building a society where it is worthwhile to work, strive, and take responsibility.

The party's goal is to become a strong and reforming general party for the benefit of all of Finland, which people across the country can trust. As they move forward, the Centre Party will focus on further developing their policies and operations, refining their centrist identity, and finding new ways to contribute to the betterment of Finland and its people.