Annika Saarikko


On the back of a historic election defeat, Annika Saarikko, the leader of the Centre Party of Finland, has stated that the party's place is in opposition. The party, which has spent the last eight years in government, has seen a significant drop in the public's trust, and Saarikko believes that the election results have made it clear that the Finnish people want the party in opposition.

Saarikko acknowledged the importance of gaining the people's support for making tough decisions in government, which she believes is lacking at present. The Centre Party campaigned on being a moderate force in Finnish politics, representing the entire country. However, this message failed to convince enough voters, who instead opted for a different vision.

The Centre Party leader expressed gratitude to all the party's candidates, supporters, and activists for their hard work during the campaign, which aimed to strengthen democracy and support local communities. Saarikko acknowledged the significant setback that the party has faced, with its parliamentary group being the smallest in a hundred years. However, she also expressed confidence in the party's membership and grassroots organization, which demonstrated its strength during the elections.

Saarikko emphasized that the party's work to regain the public's trust must begin immediately. She believes that it will take several years and a voter-by-voter approach to restore the party to its former status as a significant political force in Finland. She urged the party not to become complacent or retreat into its shell but to look forward and find ways to modernize and adapt to the changing political landscape.

The Centre Party's leader also congratulated the winners of the elections and acknowledged their responsibility for forming a government. She also reminded the Finnish people that opposition parties can still play a vital role in shaping the country's future. The Centre Party remains the largest party at the local and regional levels, and Saarikko indicated that she would evaluate her position as the party's leader in the coming months.

In conclusion, Saarikko's statement acknowledges the Centre Party's defeat in the recent election and emphasizes the importance of gaining the public's trust. She also recognized the need for the party to adapt to the changing political landscape and to work diligently to restore its status as a major political force in Finland. Saarikko's message is one of resilience and hope, with a clear indication that the party's better days are ahead.