Citizens are looking at the campaign advertisements for the upcoming parliamentary elections in Kamppi, Helsinki on March 16, 2023. The parliamentary election day is on Sunday, April 2nd. LEHTIKUVA


Nearly 500 entrepreneurs are running for parliament in the upcoming Finnish parliamentary elections, according to a survey conducted by the Federation of Finnish Enterprises. The number of entrepreneur candidates has significantly increased compared to the previous parliamentary elections in 2019, where there were 437 entrepreneur candidates.

The largest entrepreneur party in terms of number of candidates is the Perussuomalaiset (Finns Party), with 71 candidates,

followed by the Kokoomus (National Coalition Party) with 70 candidates and Liike Nyt (Movement Now) with 64 candidates. Liike Nyt has the highest proportion of entrepreneur candidates, with 37% of its candidates being entrepreneurs.

The Federation of Finnish Enterprises CEO Mikael Pentikäinen expressed satisfaction with the increasing number of entrepreneur candidates, saying that "entrepreneurs are a significant candidate group in several parties, and this bodes well for decision-making, as the voice of entrepreneurs is heard in different parties."

Pentikäinen highlighted that entrepreneurs are knowledgeable about where Finland's growth comes from and how policymakers can influence the success and strengthening of the country's economic foundation. To support their growth, entrepreneurs need stable, competitive, and predictable taxation, as well as skilled labor force, he added.

The survey also showed that entrepreneur candidates are distributed across various parties, with the majority in the Perussuomalaiset, Kokoomus, and Liike Nyt parties. Uudenmaan vaalipiiri (Helsinki-Uusimaa constituency) has the most entrepreneur candidates, with 79 running in the constituency.

Here are the lists of parties and candidate lists with at least 10 entrepreneur candidates, as provided by the survey conducted by the Federation of Finnish Enterprises:

Perussuomalaiset (Finns Party): 71 candidates
Kokoomus (National Coalition Party): 70 candidates
Liike Nyt (Movement Now): 66 candidates
Keskusta (Centre Party): 57 candidates
Kristillisdemokraatit (Christian Democrats): 29 candidates
Vapauden Liitto (Freedom League): 28 candidates
Vihreät (Greens): 28 candidates
Ruotsalainen kansanpuolue (Swedish People's Party): 25 candidates
Valta kuuluu kansalle (Power to the People): 22 candidates
Vasemmistoliitto (Left Alliance): 18 candidates
Liberaalipuolue - Vapaus valita (Liberal Party - Freedom to Choose): 18 candidates
Sosialidemokraatit (Social Democrats): 10 candidates

The proportion of entrepreneur candidates in each party's list of candidates is as follows:

Liike Nyt (Movement Now): 37%
Kokoomus (National Coalition Party): 33%
Perussuomalaiset (Finns Party): 32%
Keskusta (Centre Party): 28%
Ruotsalainen kansanpuolue (Swedish People's Party): 23%
Valta kuuluu kansalle (Power to the People): 21%
Kristillisdemokraatit (Christian Democrats): 15%
Vihreät (Greens): 13%
Vasemmistoliitto (Left Alliance): 8%
Sosialidemokraatit (Social Democrats): 5%

The entrepreneur candidates are distributed across the different constituencies as follows:

Uudenmaan vaalipiiri (Helsinki-Uusimaa constituency): 79 candidates
Pirkanmaan vaalipiiri (Pirkanmaa constituency): 51 candidates
Vaasan vaalipiiri (Vaasa constituency): 49 candidates
Varsinais-Suomen vaalipiiri (Southwest Finland constituency): 48 candidates
Helsingin vaalipiiri (Helsinki constituency): 46 candidates
Savo-Karjalan vaalipiiri (Savo-Karelia constituency): 43 candidates
Satakunnan vaalipiiri (Satakunta constituency): 31 candidates
Oulun vaalipiiri (Oulu constituency): 30 candidates
Kaakkois-Suomen vaalipiiri (Southeast Finland constituency): 26 candidates
Hämeen vaalipiiri (Tavastia constituency): 23 candidates
Keski-Suomen vaalipiiri (Central Finland constituency): 23 candidates
Lapin vaalipiiri (Lapland constituency): 23 candidates

The Finnish parliamentary elections will take place on April 2, 2023, and early voting starts on March 22, 2023.